So I had 4 babies (one every 2 years), had a medically difficult polyhydramnios pregnancy, had a baby in the ICU for most of her short 6 months before she passed away, then immediately went through another pregnancy (#6).

all that to say, one of my goals this year is to try to take care of my body— even to prioritize it.

I’m tempted to do all the dieting and focus on getting rid of the baby weight quickly but when I really think of what my body needs most, its sleep. Little B still wakes up 2-4 times a night so my sleep sucks.

As a writer, it is so hard for me to go to bed when B does and to not get up until everyone does. If I stay up an extra hour, I can write in the still darkness of the sleeping house! If I get up an hour early, I can write as the sun breaks open the day! I love writing when the family is asleep – no interruptions or competition for my time.

But this year I am committing to sleep first, write second. When B starts sleeping through the night, I can take up my writing in those odd hours again, but for now, I need to not treat my body like crap.


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