A political post (!)

On Election years the donkey-bray of politics gets loud enough that I can’t avoid taking notice. In 2008, I voted my parents’ vote, 2012 I was disgusted with American politics and the bipartisan system so refused to vote, then I went 3rd party in 2016, and plan to do so again this year (the American Solidarity Party).

I just can’t stomach the lesser-of-two-evils (are we still not voting for evil?), and I can’t just-vote-the-party (because the president is a Person), and I don’t seen anyone in either party who represents me. So I look a little further afield.

Is it possible we have such horrible candidates because our country can’t be divided up side A and side B like picking teams at recess? Is it possible that all the issues that go into governing a people are too nuanced to reduce to just two sides?

Why really should we be surprised that we have a Jersey Shore type of political climate when that’s what we keep voting for, again and again, accepting this or that instead of saying No, Neither.

Let’s make it entertaining, they say, let’s give them Teams!

I want something better for my children, I want real political change that unifies the country in Peace rather than divides us in Hatred. All I see in our politics is so much hatred.

A vote for a party that most closely represents me is not a wasted vote— it’s the only kind of vote that really matters. How am I truly exercising my voice if I just lend it to whoever seems to be the loudest in the screaming match?

So I’m not voting red or blue this year; I’m putting my 2cents in where they line up closest. Maybe one day it will cause a change, maybe it won’t. But, to me, it’s the brightest, most hopeful path.


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