(what i’m into right now)

obviously what you read influences your writing, but I think that environment works its own shaping influence, perhaps even moreso, so this is what is shaping my writing right  now, books and otherwise–

  1. books:
    What Is Reformed Theology (Sproul)
    The Art of Losing, an anthology of poems on grief ed. by Kevin Young
    PeterPan by J.M. Barrie, read aloud to my children at night.
    & various others, i put down a book i pick up a book
  2. music:
    My Father’s Gun (Elton John)(on repeat)
    Tom Petty
    Nothin’ But the Blood
    & Birdie Busch various
  3. podcasts:
    Conspiracy Unlimited
    & various other conspiracy podcasts on topics of interest
  4. video:
    Blogilates exercise videos (fantastic!)
    & old seasons of Parks & Rec as i get them from the library
  5. other:
    life without social media (i deleted all accounts but twitter)
    summer-school-homeschool (more fun than it sounds)
    emerging from weeks of nihilistic thinking & a renewed faith & love for the Church
    shifting into makeshift rhythms after the shock of layoffs and the freefall of uncertanity
    and finding steady ground, and something like hope, and a confidence in the providing hand of the Lord


so what are you into right now?


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