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our spring break ends tomorrow morning. bryan was off too, but we decided not to travel, as he had a series of online auctions that needed quite a bit of tending to. he enjoys doing that kind of thing, and its nice to get the extra money, but they can be time-consuming (and room consuming–our sunroom has been in auction-mode for the past three months!). so zu and i left him to his work and had lots of extra just-mommy-and-zu time. we met up with friends quite a bit–for thrifting, walking in the mall, playdates and enjoying the beautiful weather we had at the end of the week.

bryan and i tackled our master to-do list i made at the beginning of the year–all of the things we need to get done before june. by the end of the week we’d cut down our list from 38 things to 7 things! success! the toughest chore i tackled was steam-cleaning the carpets. our house is nearly entirely carpeted, and hadn’t anticipated how very physical a chore that was, and i over-did it a bit and felt like i was maybe having contractions, but they went away once i rested for a while.

i’ve been having my night-sickness again (officially due to heartburn but it doesn’t really matter if i keep to my heartburn diet or not, i still get sick), so bryan built me a pillow-nest like he did last when i was pregnant with zu, and i was finally able to get some sleep! its not as completely comfortable as lying flat, but it is far more comfortable than waking up sick!

i started taking the fairytale poem class and wrote two poems last week, bringing me to the half-way mark on my goal of writing 20 poems in a year. i’m hoping to write a few more this month before starting to go through a devotional/writing book with bryan after lent concludes. 

so back to work tomorrow! there’s really only about 6 weeks of class left this semester (a little less if you subtract various days off they have for Easter and other events); and then comes summer, bringing us our sweet little junebug! this week off was much-needed and i feel ready to tackle these last six weeks.


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