One of the big confusions of our time is that our lives are a journey to finding ourselves. Especially when it comes to love, we look out to see if we are being true to ourselves.  This is because, at a fundamental level, we want to worship ourselves. We want to be on a spiritual journey to find ourselves. We want to sort through the rubble in our lives and locate the prize at the bottom: us! We want to obey ourselves – worshipping at the altar of our own convenience, our own enjoyment, our own desires, and our own sacrifices. And all this is just a quest to grow closer to our own little god, the self. Many christians do this in our worship also – as though God is simply here to make us feel better, make our lives easier, and flood us all with the warm fuzzies of self acceptance. But the fact is that we are broken, and our “selves” are corrupt.

 – Rachel Jankovic. ( read more.)


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