the master bathroom!

i took down the first layer of 1970’s wallpaper in May.
worked on the second layer in June.
got discouraged in July.
didn’t touch it again til September.
and now, finally, in October, i’ve finished the masterbathroom:

our house is nice–nicer than i would’ve ever thought for our first house–but very outdated, and we got a “fixer-upper” price on it because of that. luckily a lot of the outdated aspects of our house are cosmetic and not too expensive to fix–a bit of paint goes a long way.

this bathroom, if you can tell, is disproportionately humongous for our house. when we gave my brother-in-law the tour, he commented “so this is where you have your dance parties?”

right now i’m not taking advantage of this space as much as i could be. i mean, what do you do with extra floor space in a bathroom? i’ve never had a house like that. my thoughts are to maybe get some sort of cabinet or bookshelf thing to put in the jacuzzi room (an indulgent add-on by the last owners–they did live in this house for 40+ years) so i can store linens in there and free up some of our decent-but-limited closet space.

anyway, i should show you the “before” picture so you can see some of the difference–this is what it looked like when we first laid eyes on it:

and the de-grandma-ing of the house continues….

5 responses to “the master bathroom!”

  1. Did you retile? It looks great! I want to come to a dance party!!


  2. nope, just painted! painting made a big difference though!!


  3. WHOA!!! The “before” and “after” pictures look like totally different rooms! I LOVE what you did with it! And trying not to be envious of your his-and-hers sinks and jacuzzi…hope you are able to relax in that tub after all of the long days of teaching!


  4. thanks!! your kitchen is twice the size of mine though–and your yard is ideal for kids! every house has good things and bad things. fancy bathrooms aren't a big deal to me but bryan has always wanted a jacuzzi =)


  5. Beautiful! I had to repent from coveting your jacuzzi. LOL



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