** writing goals 2023 **

This year my writing goals are:

  1. To send out poems to 5 magazines each month
  2. To send my work in progress WOB to 3 contests
  3. To revise my sci-fi middle grade novel
  4. To read 20 poetry books
  5. To write 4 poetry book / chapbook reviews
  6. To participate in NaPoWriMo


  • I decided to not make any goals when it comes to how many poems I hope to write this year; last year I aimed to write 24, and I wrote 50+; I do, however, want to participate in NaPoWriMo in April, since that was fun. I also like to try to write every day, if possible.
  • I need to either totally toss or rework my sci-fi novel; I hope to make a decision on that over the summer.
  • I want to expand my poetry horizons a bit and try out some writers I’ve never read before, so I’m going to try to read at least 20 poetry books
  • I hope to start writing reviews again, whether it is just informally on my blog or more formally to send out to journals. I’m not that great at reviewing, so I’m not totally sure if I can accomplish that–but it’s good to stretch myself!
  • I have one more BIG project I’m very excited about, but it still needs…some tweaking…so I can’t quite add it to the list…yet!

what are your writing goals this year?


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