Writing Goals for 2022

I have two books coming out in 2022 — a collection of poetry (Church Ladies, Fernwood Press) in the spring, and a middle-grade novel in the summer (Why Silas Miller Must Learn to Ride a Bike, Wintergoose Press), so my goals this year are going to focus on promoting those two works, creating new work, and polishing up my other poetry manuscript so that it is ready to send out.

That sounds like a lot, so here’s the breakdown.

Weekly goals:
– write everyday for 5 minutes a day
– once a week sit down to look at submitting poems/ blogging / promoting books

Monthly goals:
– write two poems per month
– write at least two blogposts per month
– submit poems to 5 magazines per month
– do at least 2 promotional things a month (contacting reviewers, guest-posting, sending books to published book contests, readings, etc)

Seasonal Goals:
Spring: promote Church Ladies
Summer: promote Silas Miller
Fall: revise WOB poetry collection
Winter: revise MS middle grade novel

Year-end Goal:
– submit my 4th poetry manuscript to at least 2 publishers
– complete 24 poems toward a new collection
– edit my other middle grade novel I wrote summer 2021

What are your writing goals for 2022?


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