Tips for Writing Productivity: Set Goals

Having something to work toward can help you feel motivated to get to the page everyday. Try setting big goals (finish a manuscript by the end of 2022), but also medium goals (write 2 poems this month), and micro goals (write one line a day for a week, create a poem by the end of the week).

I also like to set a project for myself with my poetry–like with Church Ladies, I read through a collection of minibiographies from women of church history, and challenged myself to write a poem about each woman. It was a fun goal that had me eager to write everyday.

What kind of goals could you set for yourself this new year that can move your writing forward?

4 responses to “Tips for Writing Productivity: Set Goals”

  1. Thanks, Renee, for this idea! My plan is to write for one hour each day for five days a week. Started during NaNoWriMo, slacking off this week but next year is right around the corner, and a great time to set small achievable goals.


    1. That is amazing! an Hour a day will really get you far!


  2. Setting goals for my writing is something I would like to work on this year. I am pretty good about bigger goals, but need to break them down into smaller steps that I can get to work on as soon as I get to the desk. LOVE your idea of a line a day. Peace keep you!


    1. Smaller steps definitely help with motivation too!



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