DIY MFA July Update

Words Written: 20,000

Books Read:
1. Hatchet
2. By the Great Horn Spoon
3. The Great Turkey Walk

Craft Books Read:
0 – but I listened to podcasts!

This month I finished my draft of my middle grade sci-fi novel. Then I took a break from writing about mid-month and worked on prepping for our homeschool year (which is always a good idea–I feel much more peaceful when I’m prepared!).

I’ve decided that since the draft is finished, I’ll not do the August part of my DIY MFA–I’m tired of craft books, I need this draft to sit awhile before I tackle revisions, and we simply have too much going on in August with homeschool, a new co-op, various kid activities, and birthdays ahead of us.\

What I do what to get started on is my little daily poetry practice of reading and writing poetry for 15 minutes a day–it’s small but it adds up! AND it is incredibly sustainable, through the busiest of seasons. I plan to get that started today–because there’s no time like the present.

It can be a little discouraging when I first get started back with a genre–the writing is so slow–but one thing I have learned from all these years of writing is that the writing Will come, if you just keep looking for it.

As for my messy first draft of my MG sci-fi, I plan to tackle revisions likely next summer. I know that is a while away, but I find the revision process on a novel to be pretty immersive–something I don’t have time for during the homeschool year–and that I certainly won’t have time for as I’m working on revisions and preparing for the publication of my forthcoming poetry book (CHURCH LADIES – Fernwood Press, Spring 2022) and my forthcoming middle-grade novel (WHY SHEP MILLER MUST LEARN TO RIDE A BIKE – Winter Goose Press, Summer 2022).

What have you been writing this summer? What are your writing plans going into the fall?


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