high time

One of our new neighbors is an elderly gentleman, an original owner there when the neighborhood was first built, and despite having lived here 30+ years, still has his Alabama accent. More than the accent, phrases bring me back home to Tennessee and remind me of my father– the liberal use of “like I said” in a conversation especially. I hope I can pass a little of that down to my daughters, despite having moved around enough to not carry much accent at all.

So, like I said, it’s high time for a new project. I’ve got one manuscript I completed before having Kit, did nothing with the year we had her (since we were hanging on by the skin of our teeth, so to say), and have been sending out with no success this year. I’ve just finished another manuscript — WOB, to tease you with the title initials– and I’ve sent it out twice. Here I am with my arms chock-full, looking for a taker.

That said, I’ve always got a little lag-time between projects, mulling over what to start next. I’d like to start something very new. Very very new. So I’ll tell you more about it soon, but I’m still mulling, like I said, still mulling.


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