Our May Homeschool

For the first hour or so of the day, the big girls played, I read picture books to the two younger girls, and made breakfast. During breakfast, I read our Bible reading for the day in Matthew, and we sang a hymn from the little hymn-book we’d made of old church bulletins. Then I read our science—we are doing our 2020-21 schoolyear science like a unit study, so I did about half the week’s reading during breakfast (all about animals—interesting but sometimes gross).

Then we took a break to get dressed and ran outside to play because there was a break in the rain. We managed a walk around the block before we heard thunder and went back inside. The girls helped me pack suitcases for a little weekend trip we are taking soon. I broke up some fierce arguments about who rightfully owned some shorts.

W and D put on our old VBS music, and all the girls danced. Then we ate lunch, and I finished reading our science for the day, with some discussion. For the rest of lunch, they listened to the next How to Train Your Dragon audiobook (there are 12 of these books, all free through our library app, so we’ve been binge listening).

After lunch the girls helped me clear the table, then we played outside again until we heard thunder and rain again.

D is taking her nap right now, so I’m getting in a little poetry reading/writing, while the big girls play. Z is enjoying coloring with her gel pens right now and reading Burgess Bird Book.

If the weather evens out, we hope to get some more time outside on their bikes this afternoon, and maybe another walk when B gets home from work.


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