The Rewrite

So I’m not planning on trying to publish Manuscript #3 for another 2-3 years, but I am planning on rewriting it and making it fantastic. I feel like it is good and nearly finished, but could be better (things can always be better) and even amazing if I give it another few years of work. I’m coming up with a rewrite plan. I think the main issues are some poems that are a little weaker than others + some poems too similar to other poems. My plan to rewrite is:

  1. Find out which poems that have been rejected many times by journals, and either rewrite or cut them
  2. Assess which women from church history I may have neglected to write about. Make a list and write about each one.
  3. Experiment with writing found poems from the prayers of saints
  4. Experiment with organizing alphabetical vs. chronological

Thinking of this rewrite is a little daunting, since its extensive, but also has reignited my excitement in the project. Since I have several years before I can even send this out, there’s no rush in going about all this, and I can really have fun and play with it.


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