submitting like a man

there’s this article floating around the internet (maybe with VITA?) about how women don’t really send out their work (“submit” their work) to journals like men do–we give up faster, we aren’t as bold.

so there’s this one press that i think would be a really good fit for my book i’m working on and they are by invitation only and never reviewing new manuscripts. last week i sent them an email and invited them to invite me to submit. it is probably the boldest thing i’ve ever done as a writer. and they did respond with willingness to look over some poems, though they pretty much aren’t taking anything. so i guess in some ways the boldness worked–they are looking at my poems!–though i don’t think anything will come of it, since it seems their line up is sincerely full.

anyway. all that to say, i think i could perhaps be a little more bold as a writer.

One response to “submitting like a man”

  1. Good job at being bold! No matter what comes from it, I think that’s awesome. And even if they don’t take your work this go around, they may remember you in the future and invite you to submit when they have space.

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