Stitchfix Review

i really used to love shopping, especially bargain shopping–digging through racks for a good deal, so fun–until i started shopping with three children under 5yrs old (or even just one very grumpy 18mos old) and it sucked the fun right out of it.

SO after my third or fourth shopping trip where i couldn’t actually shop because i was too busy keeping an eye on my kids (priorities, right?), i decided that i either need to only shop when i have babysitting or daddy to watch them OR i needed to just not shop.

being pregnant with baby #4 and tired all the time, “not shopping” sounds like the better option. i’m just not entirely convinced that serious shopping for clothes is very much worth my time. i still like going on shopping trips with my girlfriends, but since we have a zillion kids among us all, i need to devise some sort of shopping strategy so that i can have clothes between fun-shopping-excursions-without-children.

so i tried STITCHFIX! (p.s. if you try it click my link so i can get some store creditttttt….)

my five year old was the photographer, so excuse the blurry…and also i’m 13 weeks pregnant (with, like i said, my 4th baby) so i’m showing more than you would probably think a normal person should.


a grey cardigan and tunic top. the cardigan is super soft and i LOVE it. i  don’t really own a lot of layering pieces (i have two cardigans: black wool, and maroon with a hole in it that i should throw away but don’t want to), so i think i’ll get a lot of use out of this


img_1921this is just the tunic top on my blurry self. i specifically asked for clothes that could be worn pregnant and post-partum but also not Look too maternity-ish so i could wear them *forever* if i wanted. there’s a lot of nice detail on this tunic and i like the color and i like that it is sleeveless because this summer is going to be really HOT (baby is due in August)


you can imagine my surprise when i saw stitchfix had included a small child in my box. you would think they could tell that i had plenty of those already. just kidding, isn’t she cute? this top is also baggy and great for pregnancy/post-partum and possibly beyond. its a light material so i think it could work for southern spring and fall (and let’s be honest, winter too)img_1918


img_1920this is a really nice light top too that will work great for summer. it looks cute with the grey cardigan too and i like the pattern. the kids kept rubbing their faces on it because its soft, so i guess its all yucky now and i Have to buy it

img_1912this one is super blurry–those are actually polka dots. i like this dress a lot–i can wear it with tights, its comfy for pregnancy and post-partum and i could even nurse a baby in it (win!).

ok, just ONE belly pic…

img_1915baby #4. i was showing the minute i Thought i was pregnant.

so that is my review! sorry i’m not 20, this would have been a lot cuter type post. also my kids room, goodness. and why didn’t i wear shoes? but anyway, let’s not worry about that.

i loved all of it and i’m keeping all of it. since the average price is a little higher than my cheap self normally pays for clothes (around $40 was the average for all the stuff in my box), i don’t think i’ll get one of these often BUT i will use Stitchfix again because my stylest did a great job and picked things that will work not only for multiple trimesters BUT ALSO multiple seasons and i got a bunch of cute new additions to my wardrobe that i didn’t have to dig around for in stores (with kids in tow).

if you decide to try it out, let me know! and use my link for goodness sake, we’re having a fourth baby, i need store credit y’all. 

4 responses to “Stitchfix Review”

  1. I love everything you got! You are so cute! So are these maternity clothes, or just clothes in a larger size than you normally wear?

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    1. haha thanks!! the blue shirt and the dress and the longsleeve are all maternity–i didn’t think they were at first but just went and checked the tags lol! i didn’t want anything that looked specifically maternity since this is *maybe* our last baby and i want to wear the clothes after i’m pregnant. i really had low expectations so i was surprised and happy that everything worked!!


      1. Your stylist really did a great job, and you can definitely wear all of those things after baby comes. Woohoo!


  2. […] i was pregnant, i tried out stitchfix for the first time. i loved every item in the box, and so i bought all of it! it was pricier than i usually pay for […]



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