2017 Resolutions


Spiritual: maintain a consistent daily bible reading and prayer time (try to read at least one chapter a day)

Marriage: a monthly out-of-the-house date night!

Parenting: have a nightly read-aloud time with the girls

Health: run 3x a week

Writing: write 25 poems for book #3

Reading: the Challies reading challenge ( I don’t suspect I’ll finish it!) & I am going to work on being more discerning with what women theologians I read (this is a really good resource.)

Homeschool: make friends with other homeschool moms who have kids Zu’s age

3 responses to “2017 Resolutions”

  1. These are great! I appreciate the links you’ve shared on FB recently concerning women teachers. They have been enlightening and helpful for me.

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    1. Me too!!! I had been reading Shauna Niequist and then heard this podcast about contemplative prayer and realized that was Exactly what she taught…that had me start looking more into the authors I’d been reading and looking at them more critically. I could NOT believe what Beth Moore has been up to lately! I’m really going to be working on being more careful about who i’m reading!


  2. […] (here are my resolutions from last year. i did ok–the monthly date night didn’t happen every month, and i gave up on running pretty much immediately, due to being pregnant and not wanting to move very fast. i also did not even attempt the challies challenge. so let’s hope this year i do a little better!) […]



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