an artist residency in motherhood

For 31 days,  the fragmented mental focus, exhaustion,
nap-length studio time and other distractions of parenthood
(as well as the absurd poetry of time spent with children)
will be my working materials rather than obstacles to be overcome

(an artist residency in motherhoodan artist residency in motherhood)

from december 5th to january 5th i am embarking on my at-home, nap-time and in-between-times writing residency.

yes, over the holidays (no classes to teach). yes, the children will be home (they are not obstacles).

my goal is to write for an hour a day on a novel. i’m not entirely sure if this is a good idea yet–to work on this instead of more poems or class lectures or or or…–but it is what i keep coming back to. so maybe i just need some time to get it out of my head?

to help get to that 2 hour goal, i’m putting on pause:
– facebook / social media / email (other than the absolutely emergency necessary)
– large extensive household projects (sorting kids clothes for the new season, painting rooms, etc etc etc)
– reading that does not directly benefit my work (meaning i’ll stop reading nonfic for a bit–poetry and spiritual development is always needed)
– challenging health goals (running 3x per week or so, but no obsessive mile-counting, etc)

i hope you’ll keep me accountable, readers; i’m going to post a few updates on instagram, but other than that, i’ll let you know how it goes on January 5th!

3 responses to “an artist residency in motherhood”

  1. Good for you! I hope the time proves fruitful for you. I’m excited you’re working on a novel!


    1. thanks!!! i’m 20K+ words in, but its hard to stay motivated lol!

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