threshing floor placed 2nd in the jacar press full-length book contest. the judge, denise duhamel, called it “compelling and soulful.” (and i like this press–lola haskins, al maginnes, lots of good poets in their catalog)

i’ve sent to 4 contests since november, two gave back pretty quick No Thanks, 1 i’ve yet to hear from, and then 2nd place in this one. not too bad!

i don’t have the budget for any more contests though, so after this, it is open-reading periods or figuring something else out. this book is different from my first and is just not going to be every publisher’s cup of tea–if you don’t really like the bible very much, you sure won’t like my book, because this is straight-up results of reading obsessively through Ruth for a few months.

so that is the news for now! and if you want to read a few poems from the manuscript, there’s some linked here:

One response to “runner-up!”

  1. Congrats on second place and don’t give up! And don’t worry on having something that is everyone’s cup of tea. You have to write what is nearest to your heart, whatever that is, because that’s when you’ll pour your soul into your writing. Sometimes that means it is easy to place, and sometimes it isn’t. Just keep looking!

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