10 NEW $$ PAYING $$ LIT MAGS Currently open for submissions

send out those poems and maybe get a little spending money!

Trish Hopkinson


The literary magazines/journals listed below are recently established or considered to be “fledgling” on Duotrope. All offer some form of payment and are currently open to submissions. Fledging journals are a great way to cut your teeth if you’ve never been published, often have faster response times, and may be more personable to work with. Their readership is often lower than more established magazines, but if you like the overall style of the magazine, why not support it and start what may continue to be an ongoing partnership? Several lit mags promote and share work of their previous authors, feature writers they particularly like, and nominate for awards such as Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. Take a look at the list I’ve provided below, read the submission guidelines carefully, and select pieces to send that you think best fit their aesthetic.

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