I think I’ve been saying “she’s almost two” since you were 18 months. You just grew up so fast—always racing to keep up with big sis. slow down, baby! 100_8692i love this stage! oh your two-ness—you call lemonade “oo-nade”, shake your booty to any sort of beat, are at your cuddliest when pretending to be “feemy-meemy” (your cat alter-ego), sings “poo poo for sale” when you have a dirty diaper, love to show off your “fee-a-full dress”, will hold your own hand (in stubbornness) before holding mommy’s, claim to know when “bendy wendy” is cry-cry-crying (in mommy’s belly). though wrangling you can be a challenge at times, I love your funny, stubborn little spirit–you’ve always known your mind and i hope that is something you keep forever, even with all the whirlwind of change you’ve been caught in this summer–new home, new town, new babysister. here’s to another year with my sweet junie!


2 responses to “two”

  1. I can’t believe she’s two! Happy, happy birthday, June Eloise!

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  2. She sounds awesome! Happy birthday to June!!

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