How to Make More Time For Your Writing (or whatever else!): Cleaning Schedule

Last week I wrote about saving time through having a meal schedule. Another way I save time is through sticking to a cleaning schedule.

Like probably most stay at home or work at home (or moms in general?), I manage our house and do most of the housework. How to decide with your spouse who does what chores would be an entirely different post, but we’downloadve found what works best for us is for Bryan to take care of the finances, trash, and yardwork, while I take care of the housecleaning (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.), laundry, and cooking (we both tackle dishes and vacuuming, since those are sort of constant at our house).

I used to do all my housework on Saturdays, but I found that to be pretty stressful after having our second baby. Also everyone has different tolerances/comfort levels with how cluttered and messy their house, and I tend to feel more stressed in a cluttered, messy home. So waiting til the end of the week to tackle mounds of laundry and chores was not working.

Eventually I adapted a 15 minute a day chore cleaning chart that I found on pinterest. This has been a way for me to keep the house consistently at a level of cleanliness that I’m happy with, while not getting overwhelmed with the amount of housework I have to do.

Cleaning Schedule

Monday Dusting
(every room in house)
Tuesday Kitchen
(wipe down counters, wipe sink, wipe fridge, sweep and mop floors, etc.)
Wednesday Vacuum / Swiffer
(every room in house)
Thursday Bathroom
(clean tubs/showers, wipe counters and mirrors, clean toilets, sweep and mop floors)
Friday Change Sheets
(master and guestroom)
Weekend House Projects
(painting, decorating, organizing)
Everyday Dishes and Laundry

Bigger chores that I do less often—like cleaning behind the fridge, steam cleaning the carpets, etc—I tend to tackle on Saturdays, which are otherwise chore free.

Of course, when the semester is busy or a new baby is added to the household, the chore chart does get neglected somewhat. In those cases I prioritize the chores that are Musts—for us, that’s dishes and laundry—and let others slide—dusting and sweeping. If I do have to skip a chore, I try to just skip it for one week then do it extra-thoroughly the next week.

So this is what works for us! How do you save time with chores?

5 responses to “How to Make More Time For Your Writing (or whatever else!): Cleaning Schedule”

  1. I love this cleaning schedule; even though I am retired and some days don’t even leave the apartment, I find it hard to get to what I REALLY want to be doing: writing, reading, scrapbooking! With a schedule like this, I can keep the apartment clean (which should NOT be hard; just 2 room, living room/dining room, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen; well, the laundry room and balcony)…and some days I have appointments, help daughter(s) with the grands, etc. etc. Always something to keep me from housework (wink wink!!).

    I may “borrow” this and maybe tweek it for my scheduling! Thanks for sharing!


    1. glad to help! i had seen something similar to this on pinterest, then changed it to suit my needs a little better too =)


  2. I save time with chores by not doing them. Kidding! 🙂 I still do most chores on the weekends, but I really do need to adopt this daily schedule because the last thing I want to do some Saturdays is spend all morning cleaning, so I end up doing the bare minimum and then feel stressed out about it. I think if I could take the time at night after Charlotte is in bed (the key would be for me NOT sit down, or I’m done for), I would feel much better about the state of my house.


    1. i do most of these daily chores when the girls are in bed–BUT my husband works nights! if he was home every night, i’d have a tough time giving up any of that quality alone time with the hubby to go mop floors or scrub tubs! so maybe sometimes the weekend schedule can be best!


      1. Yes, that is my struggle. I feel like Stephen and I have so little time together after Charlotte’s bedtime (she’s in bed by 7:30 but not usually asleep until after 8:00) that I hate to lose any of that. I’m looking forward to Charlotte getting a little older so she can help more. 🙂 She likes to “sweep” now, but I have to go behind her and get all the spots she missed.



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