two new poems at Tinderbox

the new literary journal, Tinderbox Poetry, has just released its first issue! Along with poets such as Kelli Russell Agodon, D.A. Powell, Amy Gerstler and many others, I have two poems in it–The Wandering Witch and Kikimora Looks For Love.  Both poems were written in a Rooster Moans Poetry online class that I took last year, on Fairytale poetry.

Kikimora Looks for Love is a humorous look at the slavic myth of the female house spirit, Kikke Morko, who lives behind the stove or cellar and generally causes harmless mischief.

The Wandering Witch was inspired by a Ray Bradbury short story from his collection October Country. each short story in the book features a closer look at a member of this mystical family, and Cecy can move her soul from creature to creature, inhabiting other bodies, when she sleeps. Cecy is a kind, seventeen-year-old girl, who only inhabits creatures because she wants to feel what it is to fall in love.

in both poems i wanted to take the angle of looking at misunderstood women.

One response to “two new poems at Tinderbox”

  1. I loved the poems you wrote in that class! “Kikimora Looks for Love” was probably my favorite of all the poems you wrote in that class. Tinderbox looks like such a nice journal; glad to discover such a great-looking publication as well!



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