june’s nursery / the guestroom

finally finished! and the baby is finally consistently sleeping in here. though not without frequent visits from mommy throughout the night…hopefully those 4hour stretches of sleep will become 5hour stretches soon…

4 responses to “june’s nursery / the guestroom”

  1. 4-hour stretches are so much better than what she was sleeping before, though! I know it's tough. 😦 I'm so glad she's consistently sleeping in her crib! Linus still doesn't sleep well in his crib, so I have slacked off on trying to get him out of our room for the time being. Any suggestions on transitioning to the crib? He just hates sleeping on his back unless he's at an incline. I actually tried putting him on his stomach for a while (despite advice to the contrary), but he doesn't like that either. He mostly likes sleeping at an incline (in the swing or the rock 'n' play) or on his side.


  2. Have you tried one of those baby incline blocks in the crib? Of course, they don't move but they provide a decent la-z-boy type slant…


  3. Such a pretty room, Renee! I love it.



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