June at 3 Months

 my sweet three-month-old is now laughing, rolling over, and holding her head up well! she has started taking naps during the day Without-Being-Held (glory!) in her pack-n-play (zu still isn’t out of her crib), on her belly (don’t tell the pediatrician!).

sleep at night is still not so great. she typically sleeps from about 9pm to midnight, then wakes up every two hours after that. but having little stretches of time during the day where i’m just watching one child has made things somewhat easier. zu and i have had more one on one playtime because of it, and i’m not hopelessly behind on grading anymore. 

she likes to be out and about, but she doesn’t like too many people in her face (or too many holding her)–we learned that the hard way after she cried for four hours after zu’s birthday party! who can blame her–i’d cry too.

i tried weaning her for about half a day. that proved harder than i thought, so i gave up on it. so she still loves nursing and having a bottle or two to supplement. her tummy is still not doing 100% awesome though–hopefully this will all work itself out soon.

baths  are still her number-one-favorite-thing. she really loves taking baths with zu–she smiles and laughs and splashes the whole time. she also really loves baths with me–but she mostly gets so blissed-out that she falls asleep during them.

she is always watching zuzu and sometimes it seems like she just wants to get down on the floor and play too. it won’t be too long and she will be!

2 responses to “June at 3 Months”

  1. Her eyes are SO pretty! She looks so sweet. I am glad she is sleeping better in the day for you and hope that soon the night will be like that as well.



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