weekly miscellany: vol. 10

so, our goings-on from the past several weeks. . .

at the aquarium. i also have lots of pictures of fish and turtles

bryan and i went to chattanooga, just for an overnight stay while my parents (kindly) looked after the girls. we went to the aquarium, to five guys, and wandered downtown til it got too blazin hot. we also went to target because our town sadly has no target. it was ohsowonderful to get some time just to ourselves! we’ll be heading back to chattanooga on monday morning to take zu to the aquarium for her birthday. her ninna gave us a season pass! she hasn’t been since she was one, so i’m excited to see what she thinks of it this time, especially now that she is talking.

other than that, we’ve just been taking care of the girls and working. i think i’m starting to get my head-above-water with work and hopefully june will get easier soon (more on that…). i’m hoping to start walking with the girls everyday, i think the outdoors will do me some good. we spent some time at the park this morning. the weather is cool on some mornings, a welcome change, and so we’ve resumed our family walks in the park which we’ve missed so much.

~ the little one:
has started saying “kitty-cat” “puppy” “help” “i did it” “these” “book” and “what else?”
she will also say “party pooper” if you ask her

yes she is eating ravioli and mixed veggies. don’t judge!

she has grown out of her high chair–she now sits at the table in her bumbo as a booster. she loves being right at the table with mommy and daddy

we started buying her pull-ups now. she’s very excited about them–so potty training is imminent. 

the biggest development of all is that little zu turns two on monday! how can it be?

~ the littlest: 
June had her 2 month check up a couple weeks ago. she’s 12lbs and 24.5 inches long–55th percentile in weight and 98th percentile in height. 98th! oh my girls are both going to be gloriously tall!

tummy time, the girls most favorite game right now

she had another big development–she rolled over, back to belly! she was lying on her back on zu’s big girl bed while i put away laundry (i cart her around the house with me, as she demands), and i turned around and that little booger had just flipped herself right over. i’m glad i put her in the middle of the bed!

also, june is still a pretty fussy baby. she is still having tummy issues, likely from switching in between formula and breastfeeding so much (we’re doing about fifty/fifty right now). i think maybe weaning her will help though, so i might start trying that in the next couple weeks.

~ favorite links this week: 
you have to be willing to waste your time | the stanza

you were not made for comfort | carrots for michaelmas

I think about the great and uncomfortable work I have been given to do– nourishing the bodies and minds of my children, participating as a co-creator of life, learning to love my family, learning to love my Lord. I think about the discomfort of being honest with myself, learning to examine my heart and really see my sin instead of lying to myself about it. It’s all so terribly uncomfortable, because it requires me to sacrifice my own desires. It’s painful. But this is why God made me. So that I could decrease and Christ in me could increase. So that I could discover who I really am

chokey chokey choke choke | rachel jankovic

When there are choking hazards on the floors of our soul, you can trust your children to find them. You can trust them to keep on sitting in them until they actually do choke. Be sure your sins will find you out, and be sure your children will find them out first.

the church with thick ankles | rachel jankovic

2 responses to “weekly miscellany: vol. 10”

  1. I love Chattanooga! A season pass to the aquarium = awesome.

    Milo's been in a booster seat for a few months now, too. It's just easier than a high chair in my opinion (easier to clean, anyway).

    Yay for June rolling! I see what you mean about the switching between formula/breastmilk possibly causing tummy issues. Do you ever give her gas drops? I'm sure you do, but we used those on Milo for a while before he was prescribed Zantac for his reflux. I know how tough a fussy baby can be, so I am praying for you! Sometimes there are no fixes and it's just something you have to wait out (at least that's what happened with Milo). I will be honest, though. Medicine helped Milo a lot. I did a lot of research on colic and reflux and went to the doctor determined to get her to say yes to prescribing the medicine. Once he started sitting up on his own, that helped a lot, too.

    You are an amazing mother and I know you're doing such a great job with your two girls!


  2. gas drops don't seem to do much yet at least–hopefully this is something she'll grow out of soon! it makes it hard to just get through everyday living with her screaming so much



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