weekly miscellany: vol 10

it has turned cool here in the early mornings and when we can manage to wrangle up our girls and get out of the house, we do. i think the fresh air does me as much good as it does them.

tomorrow my parents are dropping by for a short visit on their way to their vacation, and somehow i’ve convinced my poor mother to watch both girls while bryan and i flit away to chattanooga for an overnight trip.

part of me feels guilty–leaving june so young, leaving my mom with a june who is going to probably cry the entire time i’m gone because she must be attached to me everysinglesecond or she freaks out. part of me feels like WOOHOO! an entire twenty-four hours of just me and my love! in one of my most favorite little cities!

i’ve concluded that i should just enjoy myself and my mom will be fine watching the girls. she is pretty much superwoman and can probably handle them better than i can.

~ the little one

dress up. and playing on the Whee. and yes, we have a slide in our house.

at our weekly grocery shopping trip, i was taking zu out of the car and she looked up at me and said “i love you, mommy” for the first time! so sweet!

~ the littlest

oh junie, so much sass.

it would be nice to sit her in her bouncy seat for a minute or two while i worked or cooked or took care of sister. but that is unacceptable in june’s book. sometimes i babywear her but sometimes that is also unacceptable. sometimes nursing is the only acceptable thing, which is not so good for her daddy the couple hours that i’m gone for teaching.
i’m pretty definitely sure that this one loves me too.

~ in the notebook
i wrote another poem. it isn’t very good. i think that’s pretty much going to be my m.o. for a while. write another poem over a couple weeks. and know that it isn’t very good.

~ favorite links this week:
Of Men and Lit Mags | The Other Mel G. 

I think we can learn from the idea of submission in a literary sense because here you don’t put something under—instead, you give it over.

~ dwelling on:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13


have a great weekend!

2 responses to “weekly miscellany: vol 10”

  1. Oh man, Charlotte would LOVE to have a slide inside! I would do it if we had the space. I love Zu's outfit in that pic!


  2. one of my friends has a little slide like that in the corner of her living room, which is what gave us the idea–its been really great for when its super hot or rainy outside!~



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