28 weeks!

3rd trimester!

Baby size: eggplant! so about 13-14 inches–wow!

Weight gain: no idea–i haven’t been weighing myself at home this pregnancy, just checking in at doctor’s appointments. all of my regular-non-maternity shirts are too short now, so i know my belly has gotten bigger. and i’m carrying so high (again) that there’s barely any room between my chest and my belly–as you can see from this picture, the belt has little waist to define, ha!

Stretch marks: none yet

Belly button in or out: in

Sleep: if you had asked me a week ago, I would’ve said “great” but not so much the past week. I’ve gotten sick quite a bit, last night being the worst–apparently the baby does NOT like red-velvet-cake that our neighbors generously brought over. how sad! so i was up sick all night. between that and having to sleep so awkwardly propped up, it has made it difficult to get some rest.

Foods I am loving: apples, blackberries, strawberries. basically, what you would imagine a foraging bear would want to eat.

Foods I am hating: italian, mexican, pizza, anything with lots of tomatoes and spice makes me sick. and so does too many sweets, i’ve found.

Best moment this week: it was my birthday this past week, and i had quite the wonderful birthday! bryan surprised me with yellow tulips in the morning, and zuzu surprised us both by sleeping until 9!–what a thoughtful birthday present! we had chickfila breakfast in the mall while zu played in the playplace and in the afternoon we had a picnic in the park before walking the riverwalk from the park to downtown and back. oh and of course, we did have to make a little stop by honeymoon bakery for cupcakes! i couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Movement: all the time–she’s kicking away!
Symptoms: nothing new–heartburn, hip-ache, fatigue, and forgetfulness.

What I’m looking forward to: holding her. i’ve been thinking a lot about that first time i held zu when she was born–how i had a weird feeling of her being this little stranger but also part of me–then how i got to know her slowly over the next month and many months and year and now i can’t imagine life without her. i’m looking forward to that with junie.

Emotions: a little discouraged by the continuing sickness and not being able to figure out how to fix it. but overall, i feel like i’m less stressed than i was at this point in the fall semester. those last six weeks are crazy! having less grading had made a difference; though i have found that the bigger and more pregnant looking i get, the more trouble i have with students–particularly male athletes, though i hate to stereotype–not giving me the respect that they should give a professor (talking/ texting during lecture, contesting things like attendance / grades in a rude way, etc). i think its at a point where i really need to lay-down-the-law next time something happens. bryan says he’d never treat a pregnant professor any different than any professor so maybe it is in my head or its just the time of the semester where students are more stressed than usual.

anyway! that said, i am excited about their only being about a month of school left! and then i’ll have a nice month-and-a-half long break before june comes–so much nesting to do, so little time! 

{ zu at 27 weeks }

3 responses to “28 weeks!”

  1. That is such a beautiful picture. I can't believe you're already 28 weeks along. She'll be here before you know it! I know you are so excited. 🙂


  2. You look great. I love that dress! I am so sorry that you've been so sick but am glad you had a great birthday. Happy belated birthday!



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