(officially) a one-car family

remember how bryan’s car broke down in november? and we were going to fix it?

well, we never did. and we figured if we’ve gone this long, 5 months already, with only one car and not really  missed it that much, then we must not really need two cars.

when we talked to my dad (who sells cars now), he told us the cost of getting the car fixed would be just about even with what we could get for it if we sold it, if we’re lucky. so we took his recommendation and sold it to an auto repair company, for more than we would’ve got if we’d gone to the hassle of fixing it then selling it.

it really hasn’t been so bad on one car. its inconvenient sometimes, but if we plan our weeks right then usually we don’t run into any scheduling issues. and if we save up each month what we were paying for insurance on the car, we should have enough to get a used minivan in a year or two, which we’ll likely need with our ever-expanding family. 

it was a little sad to see the explorer go though. lots of good memories with that car…seeing it on campus meant bryan was on campus! packing all the belongings that would fit in it and driving up to boston after we graduated. driving it around town when we lived at the seminary. roadtrips all across tennessee, arkansas, kentucky, to boston and back.

goodbye car, you served us well!

6 responses to “(officially) a one-car family”

  1. Awww…sorry you guys had to sell it. But vans are great. We got our Honda Odyssey last fall and it's made road trips so much easier, even with just the three of us. Ours is really old (2000 model) but it was only four thousand dollars and runs really well!


  2. i think that next summer–when we're not having a baby!–we'll start looking around at used minivans; our little fusion will be kind of cramped with two carseats in the back!


  3. Well, if you had to get rid of the Explorer, I am glad you were at least able to sell it. We have talked before about going down to one car but haven't yet figured out how to make it work with our work schedules.


  4. we didn't sell it for very much, since it wasn't currently running, only a couple hundred dollars =( but then again, it was really only worth a couple hundred dollars….

    if bryan gets another job, we'll probably have to get a van sooner than later–right now it works ok


  5. We have been so close to becoming a one car family so many times. I really think we would do it except for the fact that we travel to Arkansas a couple of times a year to visit. Having a van makes the trip 100X nicer and we can go much further without having to stop. On the other side it gets bad gas mileage so we don't drive it much at all except for trips.


  6. that would definitely be the downside! i'm not entirely sure how we will travel when we have both babies, in our little fusion–guess we'll have to pack light 😉 if our family grows more in the next few years, we'll definitely have to get a van; we're hoping to wait at least a year though so we can save up!



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