i think my girls need this

Sense and Sensibility: A Babylit Opposites Primer
( i also like .this one. and .this one. )

7 responses to “i think my girls need this”

  1. I'm torn. On the one hand, I love all things Jane Austen and am all for early exposure. On the other hand, the purist in me has trouble with anything which might tint that first experience reading Emma or Mansfield Park.

    If you get these, though, I totally offer my services for multiple readings to the girls 🙂


  2. I've seen those in Barnes & Noble before – I love them!


  3. i love those! i gave the jane eyre one to one of my grad school friends who had a baby shower at one of our residencies! so fun!


  4. aw that haiku one is adorable! i will have to add that to the girl's wishlists

    hmm hopefully it won't tint it in a bad way! and they do have their very own brit lit specialist who can infuse the love of jane austen in them if nothing else 😉


  5. Awww . . . I have this happy fantasy in my head where June and Zu are in their pre-teen years and we all have a Jane Austen movie party together.


  6. ah that would be fun! lets not wait until the pre-teen years!



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