15 weeks!

me at 15 weeks, with the hubby

Baby’s size? the size of an apple!

Weight Gain? we just got back in town from a long holiday visit with family. i haven’t weighed myself, but i’m sure with the constant eating i’ve gained something

not great, zu has a cold so we’ve been up with her a lot. her schedule is messed up from traveling too. my hips and back have been hurting already–i think this is mainly due to carrying zu on my hip all the time.

Foods I am loving?
grapefruit, avocado, lemon in my water, oranges. i had a craving for hot wings the other day but that was a bad mistake. 

Foods I am hating?
sweets make me sick but that doesn’t mean i completely stay away from them

Best moment this week?
this entire past couple weeks has been just wonderful. it was zu’s first Real christmas (and first snow!)–last year we were about to move and didn’t have money for presents, so we skipped christmas entirely. i loved seeing her interact with her grandparents and aunts–she adores my sisters and they had fun dressing her up and playing with her. it made me really miss living close to family–maybe oneday we can live closer.

morning sickness has seemed to get a little worse which is discouraging–but i know its from not snacking enough. i don’t really like to snack so its something i have to remind myself to do, because if i wait too late to snack bad things happen. i’ve also started getting carsick really easily, so i don’t know how many more long car rides we’ll be doing before little one gets here.

What I’m looking forward to?
getting our zu/family/maternity portraits back this week; we have a family friend who is a photographer and took some pictures for us for free while we were in town. my belly isn’t to an impressive size yet but karen styled me so it looked cute.

i’m also excited to find out the gender! my doctor said we could try to find out next week but the ultrasound wouldn’t be covered by insurance so we’re just going to wait for the regular ultrasound in february. i have a feeling its a girl.

happy =)

{zu at 15 weeks}


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