visits, breaks, and poetry

my little sis is driving in from college to visit me for the next three days! i’m excited. lauren is a care-free, easy-going, everything-is-going-to-be-ok type of girl–the baby of the family–and outdoorsy too, so i’m planning perhaps a few hikes on some trails i’ve yet to explore around here, and also talking about my many worries (to which she will mostly say “chill out” which is her motto for life i think)

its too bad my other sister isn’t here too. i love having the three of us all together, but it happens so rarely


fall break is fast-approaching! we only get 2 days–but that means a four day weekend, who can complain about that?

lauren is going home saturday and bryan and i are contemplating making the drive to chattanooga to take zuzu to the aquarium…


i’m steadily working away at that manuscript, getting it ready for end of october contest deadlines. right now i’m in the put-it-away for a week phase, so i can look at it next week with fresh(ish) eyes.

and if you’d like to read some poetry, i have three poems up at Apple Valley Review. they also do a neat thing where authors can write a bit about what inspired the poems, so that is there too.


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