little zu at one year old

newborn zuzu

i can’t believe my baby is a year old today!

~ little zu at a year old ~

favorite food: blueberries. that girl can eat a carton of blueberries in five minutes flat. she has 10 teeth now so eating grown-up food is no problem. She’s not a picky eater though–we’ve yet to find something she won’t eat–i’m very proud of her adventuresome ways!

favorite game: the yelling-and-clapping game–we instigate it usually and our whole family just ends up being really loud. its actually lots of fun but it does get zu kind of wild for the next hour or so. peek-a-boo, chase-the-baby, and pesky-foot are also favorite games

new skills: walking! and walking well! she’s been getting better and better at it the past month, now she can walk across the room easily without falling down.  oh and she’s off the bottle! yay!

words: ma-ma, da-da, yes, no, kitty, ray, and ooooh WOW!

she dislikes outfit changes, diaper changes (sometimes), the doctor’s office, being told no, having her nails trimmed, and holding her own sippy cup

she loves snacking, reading books, lambis, enzo and bob (bryan’s old toys), giving things to people then taking them back, feeding snacks to other people, being naked, kicking things, being held, peek-a-boo, the sunroom, cats, walking, trying new foods, and the park.

One response to “little zu at one year old”

  1. Haha. I love that “being naked” is on her list of favorites. I seriously can't believe it's been a year. It seems like YESTERDAY that you had Zuzu!



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