first day of class

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my first day went well. i like that its on a friday too, so i can have a two-day-breather before really getting into things.

this semester i teach 3 written composition II classes and a poetry class. i was happy to see a lot of familiar faces in my comp classes–i think that out of all my comp students, about 75% are ones i had last semester in comp 1. we just did syllabus review and a fun get-to-know you activity today. monday: Grammar review, and “what is good writing.”

i had double the amount of students i expected in poetry–5! a much better number to work with. i can’t wait to really get started with that class–i have so much to tell them, its hard not to just tell them all at once! monday we are conquering The Line–it will be a big lesson–then onto our first workshop.

there were a few first day hiccups–mainly that out of the four classes i taught, Three had their classrooms changed this morning, one of which i wasn’t notified of so i had to track down my class and herd them to our new classroom.

i also found that i have no time to eat during the day again this semester. i get all woozy if i don’t eat so i’ve got to figure out some time to snack on something at some point. otherwise i crash. like today.

i got home, played with zu for an hour or so, had some leftover zucchini fries (shared with zu of course). zu went down for her nap and i woke up on the loveseat in some awkward, fell-asleep-where-i-sat position, groggily asking bryan “what time is it? have i been asleep?”

he’s making dinner tonight (yay!yay!yay!) breakfast burritos, yum. i’m planning on trying to draft a poem, but we’ll see. friends are coming over for bbq (memphis-style, you know it) and a baby-play-date tomorrow so i really should clean the house…although, as brenda ueland urges, perhaps i will neglect my housework for writing instead.

One response to “first day of class”

  1. Sounds like an eventful first day! Glad you have the weekend to rest up!



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