the living / dining room

the living and dining room is the biggest room in our house so we took our time picking a color. we wanted a greenish grayish type of neutral color and bryan, who is weirdly talented at picking out paint colors, found the exact right thing. while my mom was in town we painted and decorated and we couldn’t be happier with it!

 the view from the door. my parent’s old couches, my mawmaws old table and chairs

 view toward the door

 my sister Karen and i found this at a vintage store for $10!

 dining room! i’d like to get some cushy fabric chairs for the ends of the table

 my make-shift china cabinet. one day i’ll have a real one!

 our family picture wall is in between the two spaces. Karen arranged this for me and she did such a better job than i did! and there’s plenty of room to add pictures over the years

view of the living area from the dining room. i’d like to place a small child’s table and chair set where that black chair is, and find some art to go above it. it would be great to have a little area for zu to color and do homework

so that is our living/dining room! i’m going to paint the hallway the same color and possibly paint the sunroom a lighter shade of this (maybe). i’m so grateful to my mom and sisters for helping me put this together–without them it would’ve taken me months (or all year!) to get everything done!

3 responses to “the living / dining room”

  1. I love it! I really like that color. I need Bryan to come help me pick a paint color for our bedroom; I'm terrible at picking colors! 🙂


  2. Yet another area where Bryan & I match, haha. I am also the paint-color-picker of our family! I completely understand about it taking forever to paint and decorate! My goal is to Finally be done with everything in our house at the end of July – it's taken me a whole year (since we moved last May) to finally get everything situated the way I want it.

    I think it looks great! It looks very you&Bryan. I love the idea of a little children's table as well! And where did you get your coat rack? We don't really have room for a coat rack, but it's sort of my dream to own one!


  3. @erin–thanks!! and i can't pick out colors either! i wish i had that artistic eye

    @heather–we got our coat rack from target online actually–on sale for $20 i think. lol you and bryan are so alike–it was his dream to have a coat rack as well!



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