an addition to our family

introducing the newest little member to our family…..


yep, after Sylvia Plath (our other cats are named Ralph and Waldo after Ralph Waldo Emerson). she looks a little scared because she is scared, of everything in general right now. her momma had a litter under our neighbor’s porch earlier this summer. our neighbor has just been waiting for them to all run away but we thought she was far too pretty to be a stray kitty for her whole life. it took us a few weeks to catch her (she was meant to be bryan’s father’s day present!) since she’s the most skittish of the kittens. she’s not used to being around people yet so the last few days we’ve just been trying to get her used to us. she hid for the first few days but yesterday and today she’s been out and about a little. i wish she’d come cuddle up to us though! ralph and wallie were lovey from the start, its been different having to tame a kitten. her coloring is so beautiful though. we’re planning on keeping her an indoor only cat since her brothers have become almost outside only (they love the outdoors more than anywhere else). hopefully we’ll have pictures of us cuddling her soon!

3 responses to “an addition to our family”

  1. So you ended up going with Sylvia after all! 🙂 She's so pretty!


  2. yep! bryan liked claudia better at first (claudia emerson) but then when we got her she was much more a sylvia than a claudia


  3. She is a really beautiful cat!



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