coffee break! then watchout ugly bathroom wallpaper….

let’s see, today has been a busy one. our neighbors are cutting down 17

yes 17!

entire pine trees from their yard, which makes me sad and also makes me go write a poem about it.

i’m making bryan a surprise special dinner tonight–alfredo tortellini with shrimp, homemade bread, and his favorite icecream for dessert! he could use some cheering up so i’ve been trying to incorporate little extra happinesses in our week.

other happenings…
little zu has been eating nonstop for the past week. nom to the max! i moved her up to stage3 foods, therefore. hopefully that will stop the 4AM snacking that has been taking place.

which leads me to….
i feel so worn out; jillian michael’s every morning plus zu’s 4am snackings. we’ve also been doing a lot around the house and i’ve been working on things for next semester/ my independent study / my own writing. and taking down the horrendous wallpaper in our master bathroom. oh my its a terrible job. two layers. coming off in the tiniest strips. but i got one of those scorer thingys and read up on the quickest way to tackle it, so i’m going to work on that later on today.

i got a few new books in from interlibrary loan, and its been so nice to have new poetry to read, a refreshing break from the books of essays i’ve been reading. even though its pretty dry reading at times, i do find it useful and i feel like i learn new things about craft every time i read essays from my favorite poets.

 Ellen Bryant Voigt has been one of my favorite poets this year, so i checked out her book Two Trees. her poems on mythology i didn’t connect with as much–maybe because there are so many on mythology–but i very much enjoyed her writing about her children. well, and none of it was bad–just some i liked more than others.

sometimes i wish i could study under her; she is one of those very well-rounded, knowledgeable poets. i think if i ever wanted to be crazy and get a second mfa, it would be at warren wilson, so i could study under her (and dobyns, shapiro and manning?!).

dear warren wilson mfa program, can i go to you for free? even though i already got my degree? i just love poetry. a whole lot.


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