our bedroom

i finished painting and decorating the master bedroom this week. it was so wonderful to get to paint and make the room our own! we went with a dark gray blue, “distance” which didn’t photograph very true to life, so here’s a swatch of the color:

here’s a view of the room from the doorway:

 we’ve never had a bedframe before either! we got this from sam’s a few months ago

 bryan’s mandolin, nightstand

a view of our closet

 our bedroom was a challenge to arrange because our windows are awkwardly placed–there’s nowhere to put a bed that doesn’t cover a window (unless you go all I Love Lucy and have to twin beds?)

my solution was to put the bed over one of the windows, which does lose some light, but uses the space better. I used a pretty tablecloth as curtains. ghetto maybe but i don’t think it looks too bad!

i think this is the picture where you can really see the color accurately–the other photos look much more blue or green than it is in real life!

 the second challenge was where to put our dressers. the entire right side of the room has our closet–its a big closet but not deep, just long. so the only wall to put our dressers on is the one opposite the bed. my solution was to push them up together and try to create an eclectic mix-matched look. the mirror on top of the tall dresser is an antique that I propped up against the wall.

a silver tray we got as a wedding gift keeps all my girly stuff–jewelry, lotion, candle–in check.


i know you aren’t supposed to paint a small room a dark color but bryan and i love the blue–soothing and a bit more sophisticated than our past master bedrooms. i’d like to eventually get a set of matching lamps for the nightstands and switch out the dark artwork for something white/lighter to balance out the white curtains, and i’d love to get an upholstered bench for the foot of the bed….but those things can wait for now!

4 responses to “our bedroom”

  1. I love it. I'm so jealous of your bed frame, too! I keep looking on Craigslist for something. Yours is so classy.


  2. thanks so much! bryan picked out the frame actually–well i said, what about this one? and he said, definitely!–i like that its sort of classic looking. i looked on craigslist for a while but our craigslist is basically nonexistant, sadly! sam's doesn't have too bad of prices if you end up getting one from a store!


  3. I didn't even know Sam's has bed frames, but I love that one! I like the color, too!


  4. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/shop/product.jsp?productId=prod2180036

    here's the link to it!

    they only have it online i think. bryan's mom has a sam's club membership so we got it from there to save money.



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