Zuzu at 8 months

Favorite foods: orange babyfoods (carrots, squash, sweet potato, etc)

Favorite games: rocketship with daddy and exploring the house with mommy

Favorite places:  she particularly likes to go shopping. and at home she always likes to try to get to bryan’s man cave–probably because there are so many nommy things there that mom won’t let her have

Favorite toys: lamby! its her sleepy-time pet that she snuggles up to for every nap and bedtime

Favorite song: There Once was a Baby Elephant, an original tune written and performed by Mommy

Favorite times of day: mornings! she’s always been a morning girl, just like me


New Developments:
is pulling up on furniture–easily getting to her knees and Sometimes getting all the way up to her feet. she’s still crawling, turbo-charged-fast, and starting to babble–Da-Da-Da, Ma-Ma-Ma, and Na-Na-Na. she also likes to go “mmmmmm” sometimes happily sometimes not! Her motor skills are getting more refined–she uses her pinchy fingers to pick up small things and also to pinch ha~

2 responses to “Zuzu at 8 months”

  1. She's pinching now! I think that means she's ready for yogurt melts/cheerios, maybe, doesn't it? She's so cute. 🙂


  2. we've given her some of those puff things that dissolve in their mouth but she was not a fan–i might try it again sometime this week though!



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