home again

date nights! free babysitting!!

zu adores her aunt karen!

it was hot hot hot so we drank slurpees to the max

beautiful flowers from butterfly world

grammie loved getting to spend time with her baby zu!

and so did grandpa! zu found his beard 80% less scary than last time

zu’s first trip to the beach. not a fan of the water, but fascinated by seashells

a few pictures from our vacation! we’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things today. grocery shopping, house cleaning, getting my to do list in order. ah the tyranny of the to do list! i love and hate it simultaneously. right now its intimidating the socks off me, if i were wearing socks (nope, barefoot, as i should be, its summer!).

so i wrote a poem instead. then i went out with kat for lunch. then i uploaded vacation pictures…

but the to do list will get done. i’m off work for the summer, so i can do it at my leisure.

sometimes i think that i take on too many challenges. is it good to always have some sort of challenge going on, stretching yourself? what about lounging around on the beach and doing nothing for a solid week? that felt good too. sometimes challenges get exhausting. sometimes the day is better spent frolicking in the park while the house stays dirty and the dinner uncooked.

maybe florida left me in a summer state of mind. 

3 responses to “home again”

  1. For me, personally, I'm getting to a place where I feel like I need to avoid challenges for the time being. When I fail a challenge, I feel so useless. I'd rather just strive for things everyday and try again the next rather than try for 10-day or 30-day quick fixes. I'll go to Zumba class when I can, eat healthy when I can, read the books I enjoy reading the most, write what I WANT to write instead of what I think I'm SUPPOSED to write…and…yeah, I think I might blog about this soon. 🙂 I think I have a lot of pent-up thoughts on the subject.

    You, however, are more like Tyson – you THRIVE on challenges and projects. You're both incredibly self-motivated and can't exist without something difficult in front of you to conquer. I love that about both of you and I wish I were that way, too – but I'm learning to accept myself as I am instead of constantly wishing I was something else.


  2. (this is renee)
    bryan is more like you on this too–he's much more of a process-orientedperson, while i think i'm goal-oriented. he's much better at some things than i am because of that.

    i think because i do so many challenges, it doesn't bother me too much when i don't accomplish one (i failed two recently–jillian michaels And, a ridiculously easy one, to post a poem a day on my blog the month of may!). i do feel better when i'm working toward accomplishable goals–“eat healthy” in general is hard for me, but “eat healthy for two weeks” is much easier since i can see the end accomplishment in sight.

    so all that to say, being super goal oriented isn't always great–i'm really glad i married someone opposite from me on that so that i can learn from him! and that i'm such good friends with someone opposite from me too =) i think i can learn a lot from your way of doing things


  3. I like the phrase “process-oriented.” That feels nicer than just saying you're not goal-oriented. I like that!



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