1 month

Zuzu is 1 month old today! it is hard to remember life without her, it feels like she has always always been ours. right now i’m holding her while she’s sleeping, her little face on my chest, making her sweet baby noises. her 5 or 6AM feeding is usually her last one where she’ll consent to being laid down in her crib to sleep–after that she wants to be Awake! for about 15 or 20 minutes. then it makes her tired and she wants cuddles.

she is getting so strong–during her awake time, she likes to lift her head up and look all around–those neck muscles are developing so that she can keep her head up on her own all the time. she’s started a new cry–only used when she is particularly upset–that adds in this very feminine little squeak–which i think is adorable even if it is in the midst of her total meltdown. its so cool how even at this young you can start to see personality–i think that i perhaps have a strong-willed child (no idea where she gets that from ha!)but also a very sweet girl. i’m happy i’m her mommy!

One response to “1 month”

  1. She's so sweet! I love that picture.



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