37 weeks!

Baby’s size? my doctor guessed that she’s probably around 5 and 1/2 pounds right now

Stretch Marks? yep, they just showed up about two weeks ago–just a few light ones at the bottom of my belly. luckily, i can only see them if i’m looking in a mirror–the rest of the time i can pretend they aren’t there, ha! 

Sleep? my heartburn medicine had really helped with the midnight vomiting problem, until this past week. its just the baby putting pressure on internal organs–not much to be done about that! i’ve gotten into a weird sleeping pattern–i sleep for about an hour, wake up sick, then sit up on the couch ( like right now ) until i can doze off sitting up, then go back to bed around 3 or 4AM then wake up at 6AM because my hips are hurting.  luckily, during the day i have plenty of time to take naps! i took two naps today in my pillow-nest (in the middle of our bed, with all of our pillows), and i intend to make a habit of napping for as long as i can!

Best moment this week? crossing off the last thing on my to-do list! i finally got all of the things done that Must be done before the baby comes.  all our insurance stuff is turned in, that had been on my mind for quite a while. and we found a pediatrician’s office that i love! its a private practice, all of the doctors are christian women, they’re very supportive of breastfeeding babies, and every time i bring the baby in, she’ll be seen by a doctor, not a nurse practitioner. i even had time to get some nonessentials done, like getting a much-needed haircut. i feel so much more relaxed now that we have everything completely ready!

Emotions: excited! i’ve had lots of dreams about my baby this week–i just can’t wait to Hold her! she could be born at 37 weeks and not be considered premature–and i would not be disappointed if she decided to make her appearance a little early! i’m going to the doctor once a week now, until the baby is born–only 3 more appointments left; at my last appointment, the doctor said the baby is still head down and that i’m 1/2cm dilated–hopefully there will be a bit more progress at the next appointment.

6 responses to “37 weeks!”

  1. That's so exciting that you're already dilating!!! I find out at my next appointment whether I'm dilated at all. I'm excited to find out. You're so close!!! Oh, and your sleeping pattern sounds similar to mine…I've taken to sleeping in 3- or 4-hr. blocks and I also have started falling asleep sitting up on the couch. It's very weird…I don't think I've ever fallen asleep sitting up before. It's so hard to stay in bed when you're uncomfortable!

    Oh, and I was doing some research on my own stretch marks and I think Jenn is right…I keep reading a lot of amazing things about Mederma too. Do you think it's best to wait until after delivery to start using it or do you think it's best to start now? I was thinking I would just wait until after delivery when my stomach isn't still stretching (and possibly creating more stretch marks?), but maybe I should go ahead and start now…? I thought I would get your advice on this.


  2. Oh, and way to go on finishing your to-do list!!! We're hoping to at least finish the nursery this weekend, but there's still so much to be done! I just found out that all my siblings and I were born at least 2 weeks late, though, so at this point, I'm just hoping he comes before Halloween. I hope he stays close to his due date, though!


  3. i'm going to wait until after the baby comes–jenn did that and she said that her stretch marks went away after just a few weeks! i'm hoping it will work that well for me!!

    all my siblings and i were late too–but i hear nowadays doctors don't let you go more than 5 days or so past your due date before inducing, so you should definitely have him before halloween!


  4. I remember those awful sleepless nights well! I'm so sorry you're still battling sickness; I'm sure that's so disappointing. I hope your baby comes early, too. I was SO ready by the time Charlotte came. She was only 3 days late, though. My doctors would have let me go almost two weeks past due date before inducing, as long as the baby was still healthy. I think it just depends on a lot of different factors, but hopefully you and Heather won't even have to worry about that!


  5. I could see my doctor not wanting to go long after my due date since my little sister was induced (he delivered all of us…he's pretty ancient by now). Colton was scheduled to be induced and he came, I think, the night before his scheduled induction. I'm ready!! By the way, do you have a list of people that Bryan or your mom will be texting or updating in some way? I want to be on the list. 🙂 I'm thinking of putting my mom in charge of all official communications for our delivery if you want to be on that list. I'm not sure if she'll update via FB or text or both yet.


  6. i don't have a list–i hadn't even thought about it to be honest lol!–i'll definitely keep you updated in some way though–and i'd love to be on your update list too!!



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