the nursery

i finished our sweet girl’s room this week! here is a quick tour:

curtains: from my mom’s attic
rug: already owned
crib: $60, walmart clearance
pillow: DIY
mirror: my mawmaw’s
dresser: already owned, we just refinished it

bookshelf: from the attic again!
tapestry: from Urban Outfitters, $20 on sale
bedding: free from the thriftstore
stuffed animals: gifts

armoire: already owned
bird art: free from the thrifstore
typewriter, wedding photo, music box: all already ours

rocking chair: B’s from when he was a baby
blankets: some favorite gifts from my babyshower

this mobile was crazy easy to make–just some paint color sample cards, a bit of hot glue and string!

lots of books! & a nursing necessities basket tucked to the side

bird hooks: Urban Outfitters, a gift from Heather!
I’m planning on hanging up a few of her cutest outfits up there–this one B and I got at Target, after we had our eye on it for months!
hairbow holder: DIY (originally for photos, but it converted well!)

the picture above the door was in B’s room when he was a baby.
the garland: DIY

pillow: DIY
toychest: mine when i was little

art: DIY

i wasn’t sure if having so much Blue in her room would keep it from looking girly, but seeing it altogether i don’t think anyone would mistake this for a boy’s room! so this is pretty much my happy place in the house right now; i love having her room ready, imagining her tiny little self in the crib! & it won’t be long til my little girl is here!

3 responses to “the nursery”

  1. The blue accents are all very feminine, so I definitely agree with you…no mistaking it for a boy's room. I can't wait until I finish our nursery…right now, we're using it for storage until we can sell some old furniture on Craigslist…after we clear it out, I'll be able to go all out! Where did you get your baby mattress? Was it a shower gift? I don't think we'll probably end up getting one (Tyson's family already told us what they're getting us and I have a suspicion about what my mom is getting…and they're the only ones who will get us the more expensive things on our registry) so I am looking for cheap (but well-made!) baby mattresses!


  2. Oh, it's DEFINITELY a girl's room! It's so pretty. I wish I had a better eye for decorating; I feel like Charlotte's room isn't very special. I mean, it's pretty but I'm not wowed by it like I was when I looked at yours. The rocking chair in Charlotte's nursery was Stephen's when he was a baby, so that's cool that Brian's is in your baby's room.


  3. Heather–my mom bought us our mattress at walmart when she got us the crib, i think it was about $30 or $40, not too bad! i can't wait to see milo's nursery by the way!!

    Erin–i think Charlotte's room is adorable & special! a lot of the stuff in mine is sentimental (rocking chair and picture that was bryan's, a mirror that was my grandmother's, my old toybox) so it took me a while to figure out how to pull all of the stuff we already had together to make a cohesive look–i'm glad y'all like it!!



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