{hello there

so. things have been busy.

we moved to a cute farmhouse

then visited home for the weekend where i had a beautiful babyshower

then got 4d ultrasounds

our beautiful girl!

where we saw her smile, yawn, and make an angry face! she’s 4lbs 6oz and measuring Perfect!!

then came back to our little farmhouse to get settled. i’ve been *nesting* of course, and already have everything done but the nursery, which i’m taking my time with. it helps not having internet or tv–amazing the things i can accomplish with limited distractions! i’ve also continued to grow larger:

impressive, right? i can’t believe how big i am right now! and she’s dropped some–i was carrying very high. i’ve been feeling pretty good though–trying not too overdo it, which can be hard with my crazy nesting drive right now.

i’ve also been sad this week though, since my veryfavorite cat ran away when we moved him to our new house–wallie cat!! oh i miss him~!!

me and wallie as a baby

i’m hoping that he will come home; his brother ralph has stayed close to the house, but wallie got away from us the first day and we haven’t seen him since, despite having asked all the neighbors and put up signs and everything! all the neighbors have tons of barn cats so i feel a little better knowing that he can get food and water if he needs it, but i wish he would come home.

so that is about it for now! lots of {wonderful} changes 

3 responses to “{hello there”

  1. Oh I'm so sad to hear Wallie ran away! 😦 Arthur has run away in the past before, too…hopefully he'll come home soon! Putting up signs is a good idea…I'll be praying for Wallie!


  2. Poor Wallie! I hope you find him!


  3. no sign of him yet =( though a few neighbors said they saw a little cat that matched the description, they just couldn't get close enough to catch him–i'm hoping that he'll find his way home soon!!



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