dear baby,

hi there, we’re your parents–here’s a little about us. we think you should know what you’re getting into.

your mom
could read poetry books for hours
is a fainter
thinks yellow goes with anything
can’t live without her lists
dreams big


your dad
could read comic books for hours
dances more often than he’d admit
can make anything he puts his mind to
looks for the good in everyone
is the strongest man of God i’ve ever met


we love cats, and sci-fi, and going on walks together. we have our own language, which you will grow up speaking and think is normal, until you get to high school–sleepsersgry is not actually a word. we apologize in advance for that. we’re lovers & best friends & adventurers. we believe in each other, we trust each other. we’re a forever kind of thing.

and did i mention, we love to kiss?
and we love you.



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