technically, 19 weeks, 4 days
{i’ve been slacking on my updates}

:: a sweet baby girl!

size:: 6 inches long, or heirloom tomato sized

symptoms:: hip pain, back pain, particularly when trying to sleep (our mattress is older than we are)

movement:: not yet, and not for a while. at my last appointment, the doctor said i have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is growing in the front, in between the baby and me–not anything to worry about, the placenta has to grow somewhere, it just means that i won’t feel the baby kick as early as most. she said not to expect any little flutterings until around 22 weeks

looking forward to:: having 2 ultrasounds next month (another at my office, and one at B’s dad’s office), seeing my family, especially my sister L, back from her study abroad

4 responses to “19weeks”

  1. I love the new picture of you! You're growing so fast!!


  2. I had an anterior placenta, too, and it was such a bummer not to feel the movement early on, but once you start feeling it, it's great and just gets better and better!

    The hip pain was killer for me, too. I wish now I had bought a body pillow to sleep with. Have you tried sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees? That helped me some.


  3. maybe i should buy a body pillow! i tried sleeping with the pillow between my knees last night, and that did help to some extent–maybe i will try a fluffier pillow and see if that helps more?


  4. Another idea would be to get an egg crate for your mattress…I feel like it instantly improves an old mattress! They're only about $20 at Wal-Mart if I'm remembering right. 🙂 I keep meaning to buy a body pillow, too. I've heard their life savers in the third trimester especially.



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