boy or girl?

next tuesday we find out if our baby is a boy or girl, if baby decides to cooperate and not get all modest on us.

just for fun, here are a few of my “symptoms” and old wives tales that have predicted the gender of our baby–like most women, i’ve got some predictions on both sides, so i guess these aren’t the most scientific ways to tell!

Its a Boy because:

  • the chinese gender predictor says so
  • i’ve been having headaches
  • pregnancy hasn’t been too hard (yet) on my looks
  • my pillow faces North when i sleep

Its a Girl because:

  • the heartbeat is always over 140 bpm
  • i’ve been prone to breakouts since i’ve been pregnant
  • the wedding ring on a string test says so
  • i’ve “developed” in some areas since being pregnant
  • i’ve had terrible morning sickness (and an unexpected relapse! after 2 weeks of no morning sickness, i haven’t kept hardly anything down this week)

i have a feeling that i am having a boy, though most people i know think i’m having a girl. of course, my feeling is mainly based on a dream i had about having a boy, and also that i have always felt that i am more the type to be a mother of boys than of girls…and boys are just so uncomplicated, rowdy and fun!…so maybe i do have the tiniest little bit of a preference for having a son first, though I would love to have some of both eventually.

really though, either way will be wonderful. its funny to think that even the day B and i first met, when we were just 18 years old, God had planned for us to be together for the rest of our lives, and planned the children we’ll bring (and are bringing) into this world. He’s prepared us for whatever we have first, boy or girl, in ways that we might not have even realized.

7 responses to “boy or girl?”

  1. I had no idea you wanted to be a mom of boys! I thought you probably thought I was nutty for wanting a boy. 🙂 I agree with you, though…either way will be wonderful. I'm just not a girly girl…but who knows? If we have girls, we may be the most intense princess-dress-up moms ever. 😉 Although…let's hope not. 🙂


  2. This is cute! It's interesting because I had headaches and my pillow faces North, which would have indicated boy, but I also had breakouts and “developed” a lot, and Charlotte's heartbeat was always 140 or higher. It will be so fun to find out what you're having. The day that Stephen and I found out we were having a girl, we went out to lunch and picked out an outfit for her. It ended up being one of the few items of clothing we've bought for her because we got so much from other people. LOL


  3. aw that is so fun!! i think bryan and i will have to go out and celebrate too when we find out. we definitely want to have some of both eventually, i just feel like a boy would be so much less complicated and easier as a first baby, and it would be nice to have a big brother to protect his baby sister =) but i'll be happy with whatever our little one happens to be


  4. I thought that I was having a boy before I knew. The Chinese test was correct for us and his heartbeat was always over 140… What exciting times for you!


  5. I just realized…you're waiting until Sunday until you tell your family…which means I probably won't find out until Monday or so….I am going to be in such suspense!!!


  6. oh no, we're telling them all friday after next (good friday) after the Hymn Sing at church that Bryan's leading–i promised Jenn and Stephanie that i'd text them that night, do you want me to text you too? i'll be with my family that weekend so i'm not going to be online or calling people, but i could definitely send out a little text to let ya know =) oh and btw, i think i need your text number since its different than your phone number!


  7. Oops, I just saw your comment reply on here. 🙂 YES PLEASE TEXT ME FRIDAY NIGHT!!



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