baby bump!

10weeks, 2days baby belly

Attempt #2 at a Baby Bump picture! I think you can see it best when I’m in an undershirt, like that white one. Like I said, it looks like regular ole fatness right now–but I’m still 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m pretty sure this is baby-related and not too-many-cookies-related! Plus, compare to a picture of me at 5weeks, 3days (I got started on the belly pictures pretty early, haha~!)

5weeks, 3days

Well anyways, maybe its still not super-noticeable, except to me, B, and my mom, but maybe we three are all looking for it? Its so weird how the body changes when pregnant though–things are just shifting all around, internally and externally. God is truly creative Creator!


By the way, no one ever mentioned this to me, but pregnancy hormones lend such a feeling of mellowness and well being (at least for me; my mom said she was crazy psycho when pregnant–I guess hormones affect people differently?). Its been a trend towards chilling-out in my life anyway–I’m so much more calm and worry-free than I was in college, or even a year ago. This is extraordinary mellowness for me though–
The apartment isn’t perfectly spotless this week? oh well!
B. is stressing out about O.T. class? Drop it!
Don’t know where we’ll be living in the next 6 months? Whatever! God will work it out!

B had better watch out or we’ll end up having a baby with a name like Sunshine Rainwater Love-Child!

5 responses to “baby bump!”

  1. I think it's noticeable…you have a cute baby bump! =) Sunshine would be a cute name… =)


  2. i Know!! Bryan isn't a fan of the hippie names though–and i like a LOT of hippie names! so I keep those on my “not likely” baby name list haha


  3. oh and I'm glad you can see theBump too, I'm not just crazy!


  4. With that other picture there to compare it to, you can definitely see the baby bump! I can't say that pregnancy produced any extraordinary mellowness in me; I've been much more emotional and sensitive than usual (although I don't think I would say I was “crazy psycho” haha). I have had to learn to relax more because a lot of the time I am too exhausted to do things I used to do with no difficulty.

    Can't wait to see your little bump grow!


  5. just came across your blog and its wonderful 🙂 ohh and cute pictures of your baby pump! yay! congrats!



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