easy-peasy curls

This is literally the best hair&beauty tip I’ve been told since I was 19 and my little sister taught me how to put eyeshadow on the “right” way and that mascara is, really, the most important thing.

So, I have naturally thick and wavy hair; it doesn’t straighten well (always kinks back up anyway) so I wear it curly everyday, usually by scrunching it when its wet or using hot rollers in the morning, nothing as time-consuming as using a curling iron for each.individual.curl. I didn’t think an easier way of achieving curls was even possible! Yet lo and behold!! And the best part–it doesn’t damage your hair At All!

I tried this out last night and woke up with same amount of pretty curls I would’ve gotten from using hot rollers. I did things a little differently then the girl in the video–I used bigger chunks of hair, since I wanted it to be more wavy/curly not kinky/curly. Then I brushed it the way she said to (which is a great hair tip in itself, since my hair tends to frizz). I didn’t use any product in it overnight, but my hair holds curl really well anyway–I think straight-haired girls would probably want to use some mousse or gel. And in the morning I just brushed it then scrunched it a bit with some hairspray. Voila!

wavy/curly. i’m going to try it the more extreme-curly way tomorrow!

Seriously, try this!

2 responses to “easy-peasy curls”

  1. Okay, I know I posted a comment on this post, but I guess cyberspace ate it! I love this and want to try it. Was it uncomfortable to sleep with your hair bunched up under the hair band?


  2. not at all! i had one of those soft, elasticy work-out headbands, so it didn't bother me (and i'm not the kind of person that can even stand sleeping in a ponytail). it didn't stay in the headband very well the first night, but last night i twisted it a little tighter and it stayed up just fine. I tried it with the tighter curls last night and i think i like the looser curls better, so next time i would use thicker chunks of hair again. let me know how it turns out for you if you end up giving it a try!



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