10 weeks!

::Baby Size::
Our baby is the size of a Kumquat now (1 1/4 inches!)–growing and growing!

the belly at 10 weeks–not showing {significantly} yet!

Sometime this week I need to take a belly picture wearing a t-shirt–you can’t tell so much here, but I’ve definitely got a little baby belly now! It just started poking out a bit this week. I just look like I’ve had one too many donuts at this point. I’m still wearing all my normal clothes but can’t (comfortably) wear my skinny-size jeans, just my regular size ones, and those are pretty snug!

Some random new ones this week–strawberry milk (mm!) and, friday night, Captain D’s! I am fully aware of the grossness of Captain D’s. But the baby isn’t, and made me want it. B ate it too though and he has no excuse haha!

As far as aversions go, the same old some old. I can’t really eat Moe’s anymore, and that is sad. I’ll still randomly think things are gross–I usually love leftovers, but I have a hard time eating them lately. Yet, I can eat Hormel Hot Tamales, one of the grossest foods on earth. Go figure!

::Doctor Visits::

I had my second doctor’s appointment earlier this week! The doctor said the baby and I are as healthy as can be! She did say I need to start taking some Vitamin D, since I’m a little low on that, but not to worry since most people are low on that during the winter (vitamin D comes from sunshine).

I don’t go back to the doctor for another 5 weeks–the next time I go though, we’ll get to Hear the heartbeat! And then the time after that, April 19th, we’ll find out the gender! Exciting times!

::Mom’s Visit::
Saturday my mom came to visit me for a girl’s shopping day! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so it was really nice to get to spend some daughter/mother time. We went to a few department stores (found some Cute maternity jeans for $9 at JCPenney!) but didn’t find much of anything until we went to Motherhood Maternity (I think the Target near us just doesn’t carry a lot of maternity clothes, sadly).

They were having a really great sale, so I ended up getting 3 summer tops, a maternity swimsuit, and 3 pairs of workpants for just around $100! The pants are so much nicer than my regular work pants–they carry longs, which are sometimes hard for me to find, and they really didn’t even look like “maternity” clothes except for the belly band. And, not to sound like a Motherhood Maternity commercial, I was really surprised at how inexpensive their clothes were–they had cute baby-shower-worthy dresses for just $35, which I don’t consider to be too expensive for a nice dress, and that’s if you don’t get it on any kind of sale! I’m definitely going back there sometime in the next few months for some shorts this summer when its blistering-hot and a nice maternity dress for baby-showers this fall.

And, as much as I’m tempted, I’m holding off on wearing any of my maternity clothes until I really need them, since I’m sure I’m going to get sick of wearing the same small wardrobe by the time the fall comes around. Plus, I’m still fitting into enough of my regular clothes that I don’t really need them quite yet.

Mom went back home today, since my dad just got back from a work-trip and she hasn’t seen him all week. Even though her trip was short, I’m so glad she was able to come up and visit me, we had a lot of planning things for the baby. I miss my family, I wish we lived closer and could see them more often!

6 responses to “10 weeks!”

  1. Favorite line of post: “I am fully aware of the grossness of Captain D's. But the baby isn't, and made me want it.” LOL!


  2. haha its true though! i tried to eat leftover hushpuppies for breakfast the next day but threw them up…so i guess it was a one-night-only thing lol!


  3. Target sells something called a “belly band”. It will help keep your jeans up when you can't button them anymore. It helped me wear “regular” jeans until I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant!


  4. (I caught Brandon reading your post. I think he's super excited to be an uncle!) I love the Captain d quote too! I don't think i could stomach captain d's the whole time I was pregnant. 🙂 It's so funny to see how different people's cravings can be. Glad to hear you got some maternity clothes. I like Motherhood's clothes a lot too. I bought a couple of their dresses and they were SOOO comfy! Oh and for the record I can't really see a bump-we need a t-shirt picture!


  5. Yeah I thought it was noticeable but Bryan told me that too, lol! I think that shirt has too much fabric/ structure to it– so more pictures to come 😉


  6. Aww, so fun you're starting to get a a little bump (although I couldn't tell from the picture). I didn't a baby bump for a while (I already had too much stomach pudge, I think, haha). I agree that you should try and resist wearing your maternity clothes for as long as possible; I am definitely sick of all mine! Plus, winter stuff just isn't as fun as spring and summer stuff is. I'm glad you found some great stuff at Motherhood. I never had any luck at Target in Jackson, either. The only thing I bought from there is one pair of pants. Of course, that pair of pants is one of the only ones I can wear now that my belly is so much bigger. I love pants with the belly panel-soooo comfy!

    Oh, and I have heard the belly band is great. I didn't get one myself because I was able to wear my regular pants for a pretty long time anyway, but you might want to check it out.

    And the line about Captain D's made me laugh out loud. I am all the time saying, “Baby would really like…” I'm going to miss that. 🙂



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