Snow on the first day of December. promising a lovely winter.


We are now in the midst of the all too short Lull between Bryan’s exam week and his accelerated class week.

3 things I love about the Lull:
1. Bryan having no homework
2. Bryan not being stressed
3. Bryan being at home


Now that the poetry-writing-blitz is over, I’ve started up on my editing. the work part of writing.

I am very systematic. I am editing all of my unpublished poems (58 poems?! 22 of them are from the 30poems in 30days. I didn’t expect to keep that many, its like 5 months of work for me, if I’d been going at my regular pace!). I like to edit in rounds and right now I’ve just started editing round 2 (of 5). Once I’m done editing, I’ll go in and update my book manuscript and probably just create a new chapbook manuscript rather than revamp an old one. Though most of these poems won’t go in any manuscript yet, since they’re unpublished.

so anyways, editing. not as good as writing but not too bad.

When I am in the act of writing a poem, I have this wonderful concentrated feeling of doing exactly what I was made to do.

My dear friend Ruthann aptly likens this artistic-zoning-out-wonderment to that Eric guy from Chariots of Fire, when he says “God made me fast–when I run I feel his pleasure.” God made me poetic! and writing, I feel his pleasure.


How Working Out at Home  =  Not Actually Working Out
1. I decide to work out at home, since its too snowy to walk to the gym
2. Its too much work to make an exercise list
3. so I decide to watch youtube exercise videos
4. OR I could watch Psych and make up exercises as I go
5. OR I could just watch Psych

Which is why I had to renew my exercise fervor. So, Thursday I went to Fat Burner Express aerobics class, Friday I ran, and I’m going to go running today too. Hopefully I’ll keep it up for a few more weeks–I usually work better with a foreseeable goal.


but it is hard to fight the Hibernation-Mode. I just feel so cozy and still and quiet and wait-ful. watchful. pensive. my coworkers make lots of jokes of how quiet i am. i am the strong silent type. why is that ok for guys and not for girls? i think its something to do with america. americans are so loud. i would’ve maybe fit in better elsewhere, where i don’t make people nervous by thinking all the time and not talking.

One response to “{wintering}”

  1. That working-out thing is so me. 😉



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